vidaXL. Great people grow XL
Gumtree Creatives is een reclame- en ontwerpbureau dat ‘het idee’ hoog in het vaandel heeft staan en dat combineert met helder en fris grafisch ontwerp.
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vidaXL. Great people grow XL

For vidaXL, we developed the new employer brand.


vidaXL is growing faster than the speed of light. They’ve been doubling their figures every year since our foundation in 2013. To keep up with their own success they take on challenges, take chances and try new things everyday.

At vidaXL people don’t see road bumps as obstacles, but as an opportunity to enjoy the sweet, sweet smell of victory. They owe their great success to our great people. That’s why they love to invest in personal growth. By offering the freedom to seize all opportunities they see. So they can thrive big time and grow XL!


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